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IMG_00000547Calcium Chloride Anti-Ice Facts


Deano’s Landscaping executes a proven procedure using both proactive and reactive techniques. Anti-icing is a proactive approach to winter road maintenance. It involves the application of calcium chloride to the roadway before a snow event. Factors such as air temperature, wind speed, precipitation, pavement conditions, and location determine the degree of success a proactive application will have. We take great pride in monitoring, determining and implementing the ideal approach for each anti-ice application.

Benefits of using calcium chloride are:

  • forms a bond-breaker between the pavement surface and the snow and ice layer;
  • allows snow to melt more quickly and reduces ice formation;
  • reduces the amount of time required to plow snow as it will melt up to an inch of snowfall;
  • your driveway, parking lot and buildings will look more presentable throughout the winter as they will be free of granular materials;
  • a proactive/reactive strategy will generate an immediate and long term cost savings.

IMG_00000558Calcium chloride has a corrosion inhibitor that makes it hard on ice but easy on vehicles. Pacific Northwest Snow Fighters Association has given the product the approval by being more than 72% less corrosive than rock salt. With a freezing point below -45°C, it is 5.3 times more effective than magnesium chloride. In addition to providing low corrosion versus salt, it continues to melt snow and ice below -6°C, the temperature at which salt becomes an inefficient deicer. Being able to apply our product prior to a snow event and if the weather change and no snow fell as forecast, calcium chloride will stay with the pavement for 7 – 10 days with no moisture present and still be effective.

This product will not harm vegetation, concrete or pets when used as directed. Our go green initiative along with our training program for our anti-ice specialists ensure each of our properties are effectively managed. Our snow removal experience finds application of calcium chloride is the only way to reduce your liability. We have built our business on trust, loyalty, and the quality of work we provide for our valued customers.