Tracy, John and Darlene New front yard

We came out to this property and talked with Tracy and Darlene. They had a vision of what they wanted to see and with a little help and direction from us, we came up with a plan that they loved. We started by removing all the old retaining wall as well as the plants and trees they didn’t want to keep.

We then started building there rock wall, down the side of the property. This created them more space on there property and going into there back yard. Tracy and Darlene work with LYNX fencing to install a new fence, as close as possible to our rock walls.

We then moved to the front area and started build there 3 tier rock walls, Rock step up each rock wall. Working with Tracy and Darlene we shaped the property the way they wanted. We completed the rock work and shaping of the flower beds. Everyone decided something was missing. We talk about a few options and decided that we need a nice pathway.

We hand pick some beautiful flag stone from Phoenix Rock. A quick little shaping and placement of the flag stone the rest of the rock work was looking completed. Now our Clients have a beautiful area to look at when they first arrive at the home, as well as a great walk way to enjoy too. I look forward to seeing what it looks like once they have all there planting complete.

Thank you John, Tracy and Darlene for letting us build your rock walls and working with us to create something you will enjoy.

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