Kettle Valley Rock wall Construction

For this project, we had the pleasure of working with a blank slate, as our clients were building their new home up in the Kettle Valley area. Dean met with them, talked about their plans and then made some suggestions of his own. After drawing and spraying out the idea`s, everyone was happy. Dean then passed on the work to his Operations manager and crew to build these great rock walls.

During construction, we had a couple days of really bad rain that stopped production. Despite this delay we still managed to get the work done on the date we said we would.

Here is a Testimonial from our clients;

“I just wanted to leave a review of the work that Dean and Crew did at our house last month. We needed some rock walls built to deal with a side sloping backyard. Dean came out and gave us some fabulous ideas which we went with. They were able to start our job within 2 weeks and we couldn’t have been happier with the experience. They started on time, kept us informed of where they were in the project and where we were in the budget throughout the build and finished on time and UNDER BUDGET!!!! And the walls are stunning! I would highly recommend Dean, Darby and all the crew if you need a professionally built rock wall! Thank you so much.”

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