Deano’s Landscaping & Excavation Project

We Started this project this year as it was time to update our look. After 17 years of Landscaping experience it was time to refresh our look. We started by removing all the 2” pink rock that previously was used as a top dress.
Next we brought in help from Terra Firma Landscaping to help with plant selection. Dean worked closely with Terra Firma to pick the plants that would give his landscaping some balance and beautiful colors. Our crew worked on cleaning out all the pond slip ways and then re-doing them. We replace all the pink rock with a 1-8” cobble mix to give the pond a more natural spill way. We also went and pick out some natural looking basalt rock from our works yards.
We took these basalt specimen rocks and placed them through out the landscaping and then surrounded them with the cobble mix to tie in the ponds and rock walls. With our plants selected, we started plant our feature trees, shrubs and rock plants. After reworking all of the irrigation lines, we started top dress all the flower beds with a bark mulch to help soften all the cobble rock and allow our plant colors to pop.
So if you want a face lift on your property, give us a call and we’ll look over you landscaping. We will work with you to create a rock solid landscaping that will last years to come.

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