Bobcat 335 Mini Excavator

Bobcat E55 Excavator

“Let us do the heavy work for you!”

Excavation, rock work, brush or stump removal, etc. – this rubber-track Excavator is just the machine for each job, big or small. It is very maneuverable and can complete a huge variety of work while on site. With our  E55 with can handle different verity of jobs.


Bobcat S-185 & S-650 Skidsteer Loaders

“Everything you need for your tough jobs!”

This versatile loader gives us the best of both worlds. All the advantages of a vertical-lift path loader, plus great visibility with the low-profile lift arm design. We love this rugged, state-of-the-art loader, as both the contractor and client save effort and money on every job.

Volvo L45B Wheel Loader

Volvo L45B Wheel Loader

“Nothing is too big to be moved!”

This wheel loader is used for a variety of work. Screening top soil, snow removal, or simply moving dirt quickly on site. This machine is quick and maneuverable, making it perfect for residential or commercial work. This loader is x-plated to allow for it to be driven on site to eliminate the cost of using a trailer to and from the site.

Ford F-350 and Trailers

Ford F-350 and Trailers

“There is nothing we can’t move!”

When the Ford F-350 and trailers are hooked up, there is nothing we can’t move. Whether it is our equipment or small cedar hedges, right up to a full sized shed. We also have a small tilt-deck trailer for easy loading capabilities. The 22′ Ward Haul flat deck with a 14,000 lb capacity is great for those larger moves.

INT 2000

International 5 Tonne Dump/Plow Sand Calcium Chloride Truck

“Great for removing or delivering any materials!”

This truck is used year-round and it’s size is great for getting into smaller jobs to remove or deliver materials (8 yards cap.). In winter it is awesome for assisting us with our many snow removal contracts.


   Ford F-450 Service Truck

“Versatile and great for minimising all on site down time” 

This truck has been equipped with all the necessary tools, air compressor,  Torches and can be equipped with a plow and sander for the winter time. This is one of our most valued piece of equipment that insures our fleet of equipment can continue to work and maintained at any location.


IMG_00000567Ford F-350 PU/ Plow/Sand Truck

“Equipment transport, snow plow and sand truck all rolled into one!”

This truck is a great asset to our fleet, as it serves many purposes like transporting equipment, tools, supplies, etc. to and from the job site. In the winter it is converted into a plow/sand truck for smaller jobs such as residential driveways and corner-store parking lots.

Bombardier Sidewalk & Driveway PlowBombardier Sidewalk & Driveway Plow

“We can cover any aspect of the job at hand!”

This great machine is an excellent addition to our snow removal fleet, allowing us to plow sidewalks and private driveways quickly and efficiently. With the ability to switch between attachments, we can cover many different aspects on a job.

Kabota KC 50 Track Dump Carrier and Bobcat Kabota KC 50 Track Dump Carrier and Bobcat 418323

“No job is too small for these little guys!”

With these two pieces of equipment, no area is too small to access. Minor jobs are done quickly and efficiently. Commercial and residential properties with the smallest of access routes are easily entered and your work can be done with very little back breaking shovel work. If you have a job that these two little guys can help you with, please give us a call.


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